Bruce Boes


Bruce brings an intricate understanding of the construction and property
development industry to his strategic advisory role. As the first
Construction Risk Manager within banks, Bruce offers sound commercial
judgment and a thorough knowledge of the credit risk process. This
experience is invaluable in company dealings with financial institutions
and the commercial property segment.


Bruce draws on his experience with both residential and commercial
developments during his more than two decades as Head of Construction
Risk (Property Finance) for Westpac. He values his penchant for accuracy
and commitment to honesty which he brings to his work in peer-reviewing
reports, site inspections, providing advice in developing strategies to
complete distressed projects where the builder has gone into


Bruce’s Expertise and experience in the industry continue to prove
instrumental in the success of our staff and clients, and to the culture of
excellence within the CC family.

Professional Experience

  • 21 years in property finance
  • 16 years in construction companies, covering contract administration, site supervision and project management
  • 6 years in property development
  • 2 years in quantity surveying