Kristian Walkowsky

General Manager – Quantity Surveying Services

Kristian has a background in planning and construction and has flourished under the mentorship of Michael, Bruce, and Dr. Pat since joining Construction Consultants in 2014. He is experienced in Project Management and Quantity Surveying, with a specialised understanding of the financial side of the industry.


He embodies the culture and lessons learned from the leadership, such as always maintaining professionalism and positivity when communicating with financiers, developers, contractors, and government bodies to facilitate and assure the timely and quality delivery of Quantity Surveying services.


Kristian stays on top of changing regulations, so our clients and QS team keep ahead of the curve. As an integral part of the CC family, Kristian continuously undertakes research and development for new services to ensure that Construction Consultants remains at the forefront of new and innovative ways to serve our clients.

Qualifications, Affiliations, and Memberships

  • Degree in Urban Planning, Macquarie University

Professional Experience

  • 4 years in Project Management and Quantity Surveying